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How to get a print

for photographs by Jason Buchanan

Updated 2/28/2007

Digital printer technology put the nails in the coffins of Cibachrome prints. This change started about 4-5 years ago. Portland Photographics was a leader in Cibachrome prints but they quit making them and went completely digital with giclee printers (fancy inkjet printers). I'm not sure if they're in business anymore.

I don't know anyone who makes Cibachromes anymore but if you want a print of one or some of my photographs I would be happy to help you get one.

There has been considerable interest by many who wish to purchase a professional-quality print of the photographs on this site. I can have any of them printed for you, not just those with links to this page. I have made arrangements with the good people at Portland Photographics to make Ilfochrome prints of them.

Prints made using Ilfochrome materials are the choice of museums, galleries and collectors throughout the world. Ilfochrome Deluxe (formerly known as Cibachrome) is a 100% polyester material which has the archival capability of over 500 years if kept away from bright sunlight. It is the most fade-resistant color print material available today due to the composition of its dyes, similar to those used in automobile paint.

Considerable effort is put into printing to Ilfochrome, and the folks at Portland Photographics are reputed by many to be the best printers in the world. Consequently the price for printing is higher than typical printing done at Wal-Mart.

Please note that the prices below cover the cost of materials and shipping. Portland Photographics does not do sloppy work and well-made Ilfochrome prints are never inexpensive.

I'm not trying to make a living by selling prints. If the prices seem high then you haven't seen Portland Photographics' work. Email me for details.
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